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Better Service to Disabled Travellers- US Airlines

The chief executive officers of several domestic airlines promise to provide better services to the disabled passengers.

The CEOs of Alaska Air Group, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and Chairman of Southwest Airlines have all signed a letter promising improvements, according to the joint statement obtained by website Disability Scoop.

According to the statement, “Disabled travellers represent one of the fastest growing traveller parts and we understand the importance of providing them a secure and smooth journey.” We understand the importance of commitment to remove the hurdles and provide safe services to diabled passengers.

These Airlines are under observation in order to look upon how they deal with disabled travellers. However , disabled travellers are still able to board the aeroplane first, Disabled or non-disabled travellers who have ever flown know the difficulties in proceeding the aisles with a wheelchair.
There are several circumstances where passengers reported damage to their wheelchairs.
The CEOs promise to provide better services for the passengers with flexibility, conscious intellectual activity and social disabilities.

According to Disability Scoop, the airline industry is working harder to improve the facility in plane travel.The airlines that signed the joint statement also promise to create a passenger accessibility advisory group in order to advise them on the future policies for the diabled travellers.

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