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Announcement for launch date of Mexico’s Maya Train

Most discussed topic,  the prediction of a rail line connecting many popular destinations in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, has an announcement for the final launch date of Mexico’s Maya Train.

The expectation of the inauguration of the Maya Train by the end of next year, which will allow passengers to Cancun to quickly visit some of the top cities, sites and beautiful attractions of Yucatan Peninsula including the ruins of Tulum.

This month, Andrews Manuek Lopez Obrador, the president of Mexico has confirmed the launch date in a tweet.

The establishment of Mayan Train, which is considered as an important railway project, is still in the process. In December 2023, we will finish 1,550 kilometres.” Tweet by Mexican President.

According to engineer and General Vallejo “ No demands on contrary”

After completion, the rail line will extend nearly 1,000 miles which will increase the visitors and development of  unseen destinations throughout Quintana Roo.

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