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Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Have so much to pack but worried about the baggage weight? We’ve got your back. Find out all you need to know about Southwest’s luggage policy, including checked bags, carry-on bags, extra baggage limitations from point A to point B, and much more. 

According to Southwest baggage policy, the airline will assess whether or not any luggage, checked or carry-on, may be transported in the aircraft based on its weight, size, and content. Carry-on luggage on Southwest must be placed beneath the seat or in the overhead storage bins. Hand luggage is the entire responsibility of the customer, according to Southwest carry-on baggage guidelines. Southwest check-in luggage would only be allowed on flights where the passenger was flying. If a traveler requests a change in flight date, time, or destination, Southwest baggage policy may be modified to reflect the new flight itinerary. 

According to Southwest’s cancellation policy, luggage charge refunds are only applicable to certain prices. Under no circumstances will Southwest’s baggage charge waiver be applied to the limited fare.

Allowance of Weight and Size of Baggage with Southwest Airlines

southwest baggage policy

The following size and weight limits apply to carry-on luggage: 

  • 50 linear inches (24 x 16 x 10 in) or 127 centimetres (61 x 41 x 28 cm) when handles and wheels are included. 
  • Per checked piece of luggage, the maximum weight is 50 pounds and the maximum dimension is 62 inches (length + width + height). 
  • Fits in the overhead bin or beneath the front seat. Whereas, the personal items should be of sufficient size to fit beneath the seat in front of you.
  • Effective for tickets purchased on or after December 15, 2012, for travel on or after February 13, 2013, overweight items weighing 51 to 100 pounds and oversized items measuring more than 62 inches but less than 80 inches (e.g., surfboards, bicycles, vaulting poles) will be accepted for a $75 overweight and oversize baggage fee. 
  • Air Cargo is required for any item weighing more than 100 pounds. 
  • Customers, however, cannot utilize SWA Cargo unless they are categorized as a Known Shipper as specified by the TSA or are using TSA-approved Indirect Air Carriers (lAC).
  • Southwest Airlines (WN) charges no fees for one carry-on bag and one personal item (purse, briefcase, or laptop bag) per passenger. 

Southwest Airlines Baggage Fee for Excess Baggage

The third luggage and any extra baggage will be charged $75.00 USD by Southwest Airlines (WN). 

From November 16 to January 16, passengers flying to/from Belize, Mexico City, Montego Bay, and San Jose, Costa Rica are limited to two checked baggage. 

How does the Southwest Airlines Check-in Baggage policy work?

Checked Baggage on Southwest Airlines 

Southwest Airlines permits two checked bags per booked Customer for free, as long as the bags do not exceed 50 pounds and 62 inches (L+W+H). 

Overweight luggage weighing 51 to 100 pounds and bulky goods measuring more than 62 inches might be charged $75.00 per item (one-way) (but not more than 80 inches). 

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy for Sports Equipment

Some things may be checked into the hold as part of each passenger’s complimentary Checked Baggage allowance.  On a one-item-for-one-bag basis, any of the things mentioned below may be checked in place of one piece of your free checked baggage allotment. Excess weight and size charges may apply if the athletic equipment exceeds 50 pounds in weight or 62 inches in dimension (outside length plus height plus width).

Southwest Airlines Baggage Fee for Overweight Baggage

Southwest Airlines (WN) will impose the following fees for luggage weighing more above 50 pounds (23 kilograms): 

51-100 pounds (24-46 kilograms): $75.00 USD surcharge per baggage weighing more than 100 pounds (46 kilograms) will not be accepted as checked baggage or hold luggage.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Fee for Oversize Baggage

Southwest Airlines (WN) will charge an additional $75.00 USD for luggage measuring 63 to 115 linear inches (160 to 292 cm). Bags larger than 115 linear inches (292 centimeters) in length will not be accepted as checked baggage or hold luggage.

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