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Frontier Airline Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines is a well-known and popular low-cost American airline. Based in Denver, Colorado, it is a popular alternative for domestic and international flights. It now serves more than 130 locations worldwide (100 domestic and 31 international). If you are intending to purchase a flight ticket or already have one, it is critical that you understand its restrictions, specifically Frontier Airlines’ luggage policy. 

Frontier Airlines is one of the airlines that charges a price for checked luggage and carry-on bags. If you are unsure about the amount of baggage you will be carrying, you have at least 24 hours before departure to determine. And to make things easier, we’ve created this page in which you’ll learn about Frontier Airlines’ luggage rules and costs.

What do the Frontier Airlines baggage policy guidelines include?

frontier baggage policy
  • One small carry-on baggage is free of cost
  • One small personal item gets in free of cost
  • Checked luggage fees and charges are levied in accordance with the terms and circumstances. 
  • Oversize luggage will incur charges according to the oversize limit. 
  • Overweight luggage charges and fees are levied in accordance with the overweight restriction. 
  • Some sports equipment may be subject to a fee or levy.

Points to remember for Carry-On Baggage under Frontier Airlines

According to Frontier Airlines baggage rules, you can bring one small personal item (camera bag, laptop bag, briefcase, hand handbag, etc.) without incurring any fee or tax. The carry-on luggage is not free to transport. Passengers must pay a fee or charge for carry-on baggage at the time of booking. If a traveler has already booked tickets, he or she can make payment online through Frontier Airlines’ official website. Passengers can also pay for carry-on luggage when checking in within 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Dimensions and Sizes to note when packing your baggage

The maximum allowable dimensions for Frontier Airlines carry-on bags are 61*41*25 cm or 24*16*10 inches, including the bag’s wheels and handles. 

  • Carry-on luggage must fit entirely beneath the passenger’s seat or in the overhead cabin. 
  • The personal object must be larger than 46*36*20 cm (18*14*8 inches). 
  • The personal item should also fit under the passenger’s seat. 
  • Duty-free products, coats, assistance equipment (crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, child restraint seats, strollers, etc.), and an umbrella do not qualify as carry-on luggage. 
  • Please keep in mind that the bulkhead seats do not have any under-seat storage. 
  • Passengers must carry baggage that is easy to stow carry-on luggage in the overhead cabin.

Rules and Fees for Carry-On Baggage with Frontier Airlines

Guidelines for the First Baggage 

If passengers purchase the checked luggage allowance at the time of ticket purchase or online check-in, they must pay a fee/charge of $25 USD. 

For the checked baggage allowance, you must pay a fee/charge of $30USD at the airport ticket booking counter/kiosk. 

For the second baggage

If you purchase the checked luggage allowance at the time of booking or online check-in, you must pay a fee/charge of $30 USD. 

Passengers must pay an additional fee/charge of $80USD when purchasing checked baggage allowance at the airport ticket booking kiosk/counter.

How much to pay in case of overweight or oversize baggage?

Overweight luggage charges on Frontier Airlines 

Bags weighing more than the normal set limit of 23 kilos or 50 pounds are subject to a $75USD fine, according to Frontier Airlines’ baggage policy. The cost remains the same until the weight restriction of 46 kilos (100 pounds) is reached. Frontier Airlines will not accept any suitcase weighing more than 46 kilos (100 pounds) as checked baggage. 

Oversize luggage costs on Frontier Airlines 

There is a $75USD surcharge if the bag’s dimensions exceed 160-204 centimeters. Frontier Airlines will not accept any bag with dimensions greater than 204 cm or 80 linear inches as checked baggage. 

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