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How do I choose seats on Latam Airlines?

How do I select my seat on Latam?

Latam Airlines is one of the best airlines which offers the best services to all the passengers all around the world. You can book flight tickets at some affordable prices with some exciting discounts. Sometimes, a lot of passengers want to fly comfortably by sitting on their preferred seats and for that they look for ‘how do I select my seat on Latam’. In this blog, we will price you all the information related to Latam airlines seat selection process and other rules and regulations that must be kept in mind before selecting a seat on Latam Airlines.

How do I book a seat on Latam after booking?

Have you booked your flight ticket with Latam Airlines? Follow these steps and book a seat of your choice:

  • Go to the Latam Airlines website
  • Find the ‘Manage trips’ option available on the homepage.
  • Now, enter your booking details such as PNR number and your Last name.
  • As soon as you press the enter button, you will be taken to another page where you will get your reservation details.
  • Now, click the ‘change/select your seat’ option.
  • Choose your preferred seat from the Latam seats map.
  • After paying the seat selection fee (if applicable), get the confirmation message on your registered email ID.

Seating options on Latam Airlines

Passengers can get various seat options and they can choose their own seats according to their needs and preferences. Let’s find out some of them:

  • Standard seats- These seats are available on latam Airlines and you can book these seats at some reasonable price and with the utmost comfort.
  • Extra legroom- You need to pay some additional fee for choosing extra legroom as these seats are available by Latam Airlines against some fees.
  • Preferred seats- these are the most convenient seats for every passenger offering an easier access to the aisle, more legroom or cabin. But they charge relatively high fees for this type of seat.
  • Premium business class- These seats are for those who are seeking the ultimate luxury and comfort while travelling. You can get enhanced amenities such as lie-flat beds, priority services and a free access to the airport lounges.
  • Premium economy class- These seats offer a higher level of comfort and amenities as compared to other seats. You can enjoy extra legroom, headrests and other premium services. Consider your travel preferences and budget while choosing a seat on Latam Airlines and review the Latam seat selection fees before choosing your seat .

Does Latam Airlines charge for seat selection?

Yes, Latam Airlines charges some amount if you are choosing a seat as the Latam seat selection fee. But this seat selection fee depends on different factors such as type of ticket, fare, destinations and seats that you want to choose. Usually, the seat selection fees range between 3 to 140 dollars and we recommend you book your seat according to your budget.

A guide to the Latam seat selection policy

  • According to the Latam check-in policy, passengers can book their seats for free at the time of check-in and to secure your preferred seats, you need to choose Latam seats in advance.
  • Elite members of the Latam Pass frequent flyer can book their seats for free while enjoying additional benefits. So, while making Latam airlines seat selection you should check your membership status.
  • You can book your preferred seats with extra legroom or special features but you need to pay some additional fees. We recommend you to be prepared to pay the charges associated with your seat.

How can I reserve a seat on Latam Airlines?

Other than phone calls and websites there are different methods through which you can reserve your seat on Latam Airlines.

During check-in:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click the Latam check-in option.
  • Now, enter the check-in information such as the last name and confirmation code.
  • You will get your reservation details on your screen. .
  • Then, choose your desired seat from the Latam seat map.
  • Continue the procedure and pay the Latam Airlines seat selection fee.
  • Get the confirmation on your registered email or phone number.

At the airport:

When you arrive at the airport, you can make Latam airlines seat selection there also and for this follow the given steps:

  • Go to the airport and approach the LATAM Airlines help desk.
  • The Latam seat map will then be given to you by the airline executive.
  • You must pay for the seat that you want to choose from the available options.
  • You can also dial the Latam Airlines phone number and ask the travel representative to select your preferred seat immediately and get your seat booked at that time only.


What is a Latam plus seat?

Latam plus seats are the seats which have more than 10 centimetres of extra legroom, footrest available in B787-9 AND A350 models and you can recline these seats up to 40% more.

How can I get the best seats on Latam Airlines?

To get the best seats on Latam Airlines, you need to choose your seat by using the official website where you can select your seat from the Latam seat map which has the proper explanation about the benefits of different seating options.

Can I choose seats for my family to sit together on Latam Airlines?

Yes, Latam Airlines enables the passengers to choose seats for your family and during the booking process, you can select adjacent seats for your family or contact the airline in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

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