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Things to know about the tulum festival 2024!


The ultimate guide to the Tulum festival!

Welcome to the mesmerising world of Tulum, where the azure waves of the Caribbean Sea meet the lush greenery of the Yucatán Peninsula. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant beats and electrifying atmosphere of one of the most enchanting music festivals on the planet – The Tulum’s Music Festival 2024.

Join us on a journey through this rollercoaster ride of rhythm, culture, and spirituality as we dive into the heart of the Tulum Festival experience. Don’t miss out the opportunity to be a part of this magic.

Why is Tulum so special?

Tulum is also known as the energy Vortex, a place where a high energy field is amplified by nature. This festival promises an unparalleled musical experience and has become a hot spot for yoga retreats, dining experiences, boutique shopping and nightlife.

Features of Tulum Festivals:

  • Several music festivals takes place in- Tulum and Playa del Carmen
  • Takes place on the beach under a full moon or in the middle of the jungle
  • Attracts a large crowds
  • Perfect place for enthusiast music lovers
  • a mix of deep house, techno, electro, and other electronic music dance genres
  • World famous DJs are invited along with local performers, professional drummers and amazing circus acrobats.

List of upcoming Tulum events in January 2024

Save the date and make this count as you can get the opportunity to get lost the musical vibes of this fantastic place.

  • January 4 – AfterLife Tulum
  • January 8 – Circoloco
  • January 9 – Keinemusik
  • January 10 – Puppetry Tulum
  • January 11 – Rufus Du Sol
  • January 12 – Day Zero

Know everything about these upcoming festivals

  • Afterlife Tulum – Indulge in the soundscapes and trippy AF visuals converge in a mesmerising dance celebration. This event will promise you a goosebump inducing experience inviting a large number of music enthusiasts.
  • Circoloco – This event is the perfect place for electrifying music and dance. We can assure you that it will be an unforgettable night of non-stop beats, creating an immersive experience that captures the vibrant and dynamic vibes of Tulum.
  • Keinemusik – In this event, a Berlin-based trio of producers promises a night of unparalleled music mastery and tries to create an unforgettable atmosphere for everyone.
  • Puppetry Tulum – You can experience the rhythmic and magical celebration of ‘Gratitude Season’ at Papaya Playa Project in Tulum where a harmonious blend of music and atmosphere will make your night more memorable.
  • Day Zero – Day Zero is the last event at the end of the Tulum festival and this festival is the most exciting and famous, promising to be the ultimate highlight of the season. To celebrate this event, get lost in the jungle with BlackCoffee, Whomadewho and Damian Lazarus.

What to wear and bring to the Tulum festival?

Here is a list of some important things that you should bring to the Tulum festival are given below:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable boots or closed-toed shoes
  • Portable fan
  • Hair tie
  • Disposable camera
  • Portable phone charger
  • Credit card/ Cash
  • pack a form of ID with you in your wallet
  • Your ticket

Accommodations near the festival locations

If you are reading this then you will be able to find the best accommodation options near the festival locations. Look this out and find your place!

  • For the bougie festival goers you must go to Go Big or Go Home
  • For the chic festival goers, visit Coast Chic Hideaway
  • For the classy festival goers you must approach to Tulum on the Rocks
  • Casa Hamsa is the place for the spiritual festival goers
  • To get the influencer festival goers, you need to go to Botanica Verde Uno



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