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How do I manage my booking on Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines is a leading airline in Latin America, renowned for its extensive network, quality service, and modern fleet. While connecting travellers from North, Central, and South America, Copa Airlines has become a preferred choice for those seeking convenient routes across the region. The strategic hub of Copa Airlines is in Panama City allows for efficient connections, enabling passengers to easily explore over 80 destinations in more than 30 countries.

Are you searching the answers for how I can change my Copa reservation? Reading this to the end can solve all your problems and provide you with the best answers. You can use the ‘manage my booking’ option from the website for different Copa Airlines services. So let’s review the instructions given to know how I manage my reservation on Copa Airlines and how to use it.

What are the benefits of managing Copa Airlines reservations?

  • View and edit reservation details: You can quickly and easily update your passport details, frequent flyer number, and contact details through the Manage Reservation option on Copa Airlines. It is a convenient method to ensure that all your information is correct.
  • Change Flight Dates and Times: As life is erratic, plans are subject to modification. Subject to availability and ticket regulations, you can change your travel dates and times with Copa Airlines Manage Booking. This adaptability can be very useful in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Cabin Upgrade: If you choose to have a more opulent experience during your flight, you can easily make the necessary changes by using the platform to research your upgrade possibilities.
  • Select Seats: Want to make sure you get the seat of your choice? By allowing you to select your seats in advance, Copa Airlines ensures a more relaxing and enjoyable travel experience.
  • Add Amenities: Enhance your travel experience by including additional amenities like special meals, lounge access, or more luggage. The Copa Airlines Manage Reservation platform makes it easy to personalise your trip.

How do I change my Copa Airlines reservation?

You have a very easy way to manage reservations with Copa Airlines at any time. It is true that some of its features can only be used in accordance with Copa Airlines terms and conditions. You can also contact the travel agent of airlinereservationss at +1 888-683-5880 to make changes in your Copa flight reservation. You can manage your Copa Airlines reservation online by following the steps below:

  • First, you have to go to the official Copa Airlines website
  • And then click on the “Manage Reservation” button on the main page.
  • After this, log in with the passenger’s last name and their booking reference (PNR)
  • Go to your reservation, you will get a list of your current reservations once you register.
  • Select the one you want to manage.
  • Select the changes you want, select from the alternatives offered, including adding services, upgrading cabin class, changing flight dates, updating passenger information and seating arrangements .
  • Review and verify, carefully review the changes you have made, as well as any associated charges or rate differences. Confirm the modifications.
  • In the event there are additional charges, you will be asked to choose your preferred payment option.
  • Then, you will receive an email on your phone regarding the booking management from Copa Airlines.

How can I change my name on Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines allows the passenger to make small changes in your Copa flight booking even if you have already received your tickets. Copa Airlines also provides the name change policy after the flight booking but this policy is not permitted if the ticket has been already used.

  • Changes are only permitted to one ticket only
  • The entry should not be already utilised
  • You have to use the name correction form if you wish to change your name in the booked flight ticket.
  • You cannot switch your first and last names with each other

How do I check my Copa Airlines flight reservation?

At the time of Copa Airlines reservation. The passenger will receive all the Copa flight details in the registered email ID along with the confirmation message. The manage booking option is also available on the official website of the Copa Airline and you can also make changes in your Copa flight reservation after contacting Copa Airlines customer service. Here we are providing you some steps to check you Copa Airlines flight booking:

  • Visit the official website of Copa Airlines
  • Go to the ‘manage booking’ option and enter all the passenger details.
  • A new page will appear on the screen providing all the information you have made on the Copa Airlines.
    In this way you can easily check your Copa Airlines flight booking.


1. How do I change my Copa reservation?
If you have purchased Copa Airlines flight tickets and want to make changes to your flight schedule or if due to any sudden change in plan you want to cancel your flight, you can visit the manage my reservation section of the airline’s website or call Copa Airlines phone number +1 786-840 COPA (2672).

2. How can I call Copa Airlines?
The customer service number of Copa Airlines is +1 786-840 COPA (2672) and you can call them at any point of time. As soon as you call this number you will hear some IVR instructions:

  • For booking press 1
  • To cancel the reservation, press 2
  • To get the refund you have to press 3
  • Press 9 to talk to a representative

3. Can you change name on Copa Airlines?
Yes, you can change your name on Copa Airlines by using the ‘manage my booking’ option that is available on the official website of the Copa Airlines.

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