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How do I select my seat on United Airlines?

For United airlines seat selection, you need to follow 5 simple steps to get your preferred seat.

While making a seat reservation, you should carefully read about the United Airlines seat selection policy. Seat selection plays a major role in your travel journey, as the longer the journey is, the more comfortable it should be for you. Like most other airlines, seat selection on United Airlines assigns seats to passengers on flights.

If you want to choose a seat on United Airlines, there are options for preferred seating and even enhancements for those willing to pay, but the vast majority of customers can choose from various seats at no cost. But it depends on your ticket type, so check with their customer service team to avoid any United Airlines seat selection fee. To know more about United airlines seat selection criteria, you can speak with our travel representative at +1 888 683 5880 via call.

Follow the following steps to choose seat on United Airlines

  1. Visit the official website of United Airlines at and click on ‘My Trips’ for seat selection on United Airlines.
  2. Fill up the needed information such as your flight details, and booking number for United seat selection.
  3. As you submit, a new page will appear. Click on ‘Change seat’ and the map of seats can be seen on your screen.
  4. The map will show the available seats, in which you can select your preferred seat.
  5. Next, follow the on-screen instructions and confirm the payment. You will receive a confirmation message within a few minutes.

United Airlines Seat Selection Policy as per Ticket Type

Preferred seating offers seats in more advantageous locations than standard United economy seating. The seats are identical, but they are typically positioned closer to the front of the cabin. The prices for preferred seating differ by flight, but these are the most affordable paid seat upgrades available on United flights.

  • Economic Advantage
    United seat selection on Economy Plus seats are located within the standard economy cabin, but just behind the first-class section. They offer more legroom than standard economy seats and complimentary alcoholic beverages on transcontinental premium itineraries. These seats cost more than privileged seating.

  • Premium Plus
    United offers Premium Plus on select flights. Seat selection on United Airlines with Premium Plus is superior to economy class but inferior to United’s international business class; all Premium Plus seats in this compartment are complimentary.

  • First and business class on United
    People who prefer booking Business class, enjoy a lot more benefits. Similar to Premium Plus, those who book first or business class can select any available seat within the cabin as per United seat selection.

How do I get my first seat on United?

For seat selection on United Airlines, you need to understand the United Airlines seat selection criteria. For the majority of flights operated by United, you can select a seat or modify your assigned seat via the official website.

If there are no open seats, you can return closer to the departure time to see if any have opened up. Achieve United Premier 1K or Premier Platinum elite status to accrue PlusPoints, which may be used for improvements. On certain flights, purchase a ticket in Y fare class or a discounted full-price economy B fare to obtain an automatic upgrade.

How Do I Choose seat on United Airlines?

When you fly anywhere, you have this one anxiety of not getting a window seat or the seat of your choice. You booked your ticket with the seat you prefer, but you quickly realize that you no longer want it. So, have you considered how you’ll cope with it? You’ve probably googled “Can I choose my seat after booking a flight?” or “How to choose a seat while booking a flight ticket.” Choose a seat on United Airlines with ease by following the steps below.


1. How does basic economy seating work?
Basic economy customers can pay a price to select a seat 7 days to 24 hours before the trip (depending on the route), or seats will be assigned after check-in. Generally, basic fare tickets are non-refundable, and ticket changes or cancellations are not permitted.

2. How do I choose my seat after booking?
To select your seat after you have made the booking, visit the official website for United Airlines seat selection. Click on ‘My Trips’ and fill up the needed information. Then, select ‘Change seat’ and book your preferred seat from the seat map.

3. How much does United Airlines charge for seat selection?
United seat selection is free for passengers above basic economy with an option to upgrade depending on the seat selection.

4. How to get a United Preferred seat?
To get a United preferred seat, browse the official website of United Airlines and follow the seat selection steps as guided on-screen. To know more about United Airlines seat selection, you can dial United Airlines’ phone number.


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