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Can I cancel my flight with Pegasus?

Being a Turkish-based carrier Pegasus provides several useful services to the passengers. When you have a booking with Pegasus Airlines, sometimes many passengers have to cancel their flight due to some unforeseen events. Here you can get the Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy and you will learn about the necessary guidelines to follow before cancelling the flight ticket. You want to save all your money then take a look at the Pegasus airlines cancellation policy.

What is Pegasus cancellation policy?

The Pegasus Airlines cancellation policy allows you to cancel your Pegasus flight ticket for free within 24-hours of booking and get a full refund while flight cancellations after 24-hours of booking will depend on your route and type of fare.

However, you can also call at 0011 90 850 250 6777 to contact the customer service of the Pegasus Airlines and can directly cancel the flight ticket. This is one of the hassle-free methods for cancelling the Pegasus flight tickets.

A Guide to the Pegasus cancellation policy

  • If a passenger is cancelling the booking within 24 hours then Pegasus Airlines will not charge any amount as the cancellation costs.
  • In accordance with its cancellation policy, if a passenger is requesting any cancellation process from unofficial websites then, the Pegasus Airlines will not accept it.
  • The airlines will charge up to 20 to 30 percent as the cancellation fee if the customer is cancelling the flight after 24 hours of the booking.
  • If any passenger sends a refund request form to the Pegasus Airlines after the departure time then he or she will not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • The Pegasus Airlines also provide the guideline that if the flight ticket is cancelled within 30 minutes of reservation then the customer will be eligible for a free cancellation.
  • If any passenger cancels their Pegasus Airlines flight tickets due to the death of an immediate family member then there will be no cancellation costs charged. But you have to provide some necessary documents to avail this service.
  • We advise the passengers not to cancel their ticket after check-in as the passenger must pay the whole flight charge to the Pegasus Airlines as a cancellation fee.

What are the Pegasus Cancellation methods?

The Pegasus Airlines provides some traditional as well as online cancellation services and you can use any method for cancelling your scheduled ticket.

1. Cancel the Pegasus Airlines booking online

  • Open the Pegasus Airlines mobile app or website
  • Login in by entering personal details
  • Select the manage booking tab and now enter the details of the passengers
  • Click on the proceed tab after reviewing the input
  • Choose your ticket and select the justification of the cancellation
  • Provide all the necessary documents
  • Click on the confirm button to submit the form
  • The system will generate your reimbursement and after comparing the refund amount to your computation respond back by clicking on the YES tab.

2. Cancellation via customer service number

  • Connect with the Pegasus Airlines ticket policy at +1 866-939-0429 which is absolutely toll free
  • Select the cancel option and provide more details about the cancellation
  • Ask the executive to complete the Pegasus Airlines reimbursement procedure after providing all the necessary details.
  • The executive will fill out the entire form on the basis of your information
  • Then the person will explain you the Pegasus Airlines terms and conditions after you have filled the refund request form
  • You may need to pay some additional fee as you opted the offline selection method

3. At Airport counters

You need to go to the Airport to cancel the Pegasus Airlines flight tickets. After that you need to complete the Pegasus Airlines refund application and share all your information. Don’t forget to verify your input before submitting the form as the given information will be sent to the executive for further cancelling and refund policies. Then the executive will review your data and determine the cancellation fees according to the Pegasus Airlines refund policy. Now, complete the cancellation form by paying some specific amount and then the Pegasus Airlines will carry out the refund to you between the next 15 to 30 business days.

How to Get Refund from Pegasus Airlines?

The customers who book flights with Pegasus Airlines never have to worry about the refund value and here is a list of instructions that you can claim a refund from Pegasus Airlines without any risk.

  • The passenger must cancel the flight ticket within the risk free period that is within 24 hours of the booking so that they will be eligible for a full refund.
  • The airlines will charge a fee of about 30 to 50 percent of the total fare as Pegasus cancellation fees if the cancellation is done after the given time period.
  • The passenger must have a flight ticket with them while making cancellations at any platform.
  • The passenger will not be liable for any refund if the cancellation is done after the departure date.

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