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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Lifted in Hong Kong

On Monday, Hong Kong relaxed some of the world’s tightest COVID-19 entrance protocols, eliminating the quarantine need for overseas visitors.

The new “0+3” arrangements for inbound travellers from overseas and Taiwan through Hong Kong International Airport eliminate the need for travellers to submit a negative PCR test prior to boarding their flights and eliminate the need for travellers to quarantine at a hotel for three days prior to a four-day medical surveillance period.

Travellers must now produce a negative quick antigen test 24 hours before boarding and self-monitor for three days after arrival.

During this time, guests should avoid going to restaurants or pubs. They are, however, free to walk around and investigate the destination. Travellers must also do PCR tests on days 2, 4, and 6 following arrival, as well as a fast antigen test every day for the first week.

“The new arrangements highlight Hong Kong’s re-emergence as a tourism gateway with major worldwide linkages,” said Dr. Pang Yiu-kai, Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB). “This is intended to attract primarily business tourists, family visitors, and returning Hong Kong residents at first. Furthermore, tourists are no longer needed to undergo a PCR test before boarding flights to Hong Kong, and upon arrival, they can go directly to their house or preferred hotel to await the results of the test.”

The new arrangements will provide travellers with increased convenience and flexibility.

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